Featured Authors

Doug Fine

Doug Fine is a comedic investigative journalist, bestselling author, and solar-powered goat herder. His latest book is American Hemp Farmer: Adventures and Misadventures in the Cannabis Trade (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2020). He has cultivated hemp for food, farm-to-table products and seed-building in four U.S. states. You can register for his online regenerative hemp course with Acres USA here. Willie Nelson calls Doug’s work “a blueprint for the America of the future.” The Washington Post says, “Fine is a storyteller in the mold of Douglas Adams.” A website of Doug’s print, radio and television work, United Nations testimony, and TED Talk is at www.dougfine.com and his social media handle is @organiccowboy.

Doug’s workshop, The Hemp Farmer Entrepreneur, will be featured in the Hemp Track at the conference.

If you register for Doug’s hemp course using the link provided, NOFA-NY will get 20% back from each purchase – thank you!

Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins is a cofounder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network, and the author of The Transition HandbookThe Transition CompanionThe Power of Just Doing Stuff21 Stories of Transition and most recently, From What Is to What If: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want. He presents the podcast series ‘From What If to What Next‘ which invites listeners to send in their “what if” questions and then explores how to make them a reality. In 2012, he was voted one of the Independent’s top 100 environmentalists and was on Nesta and the Observer’s list of Britain’s 50 New Radicals. Hopkins has also appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought and A Good Read, in the French film phenomenon Demain and its sequel Apres Demain, and has spoken at TEDGlobal and three TEDx events.

An Ashoka Fellow, Hopkins also holds a PhD from the University of Plymouth and has received two honorary doctorates from the University of the West of England and the University of Namur. He is a keen gardener, a founder of New Lion Brewery in Totnes, a lino cut print maker and artist and a director of Totnes Community Development Society, the group behind Atmos Totnes, an ambitious, community-led development project. He blogs at transtionnetwork.org and robhopkins.net and tweets at @robintransition.

Rob’s workshop, Unleashing the Power of Imagination: Making your Community More Resilient for Economic Happiness, will be featured in the Gardening + Homesteading Track at the conference.

Sandor Ellix Katz

Sandor Ellix Katz is a fermentation revivalist. His books Wild Fermentation, The Art of Fermentation, and his new release Fermentation as Metaphor along with the hundreds of fermentation workshops he has taught around the world, have helped to catalyze a broad revival of the fermentation arts. A self-taught experimentalist who lives in rural Tennessee, the New York Times calls him “one of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene.” Sandor is the recipient of a James Beard award and other honors. For more information, check out his website www.wildfermentation.com.

Sandor’s workshop, Getting to the Roots of Fermentation for Resilience, will be featured in the Kitchen Demo Track at the conference.

Nigel Palmer

Nigel Palmer, author of the book The Regenerative Growers Guide to Garden Amendments, is a lifelong gardener who relies on the amazing complexity of nature to inspire his gardening practices. He develops curriculum for, and instructs the Garden portion of the holistic wellness program at The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN.com). Nigel enjoys telemark skiing up and down mountains, paddling with bears, the keeping of bees, and watching the garlic grow.

Nigel’s workshop, A Regenerative Growers Guide to Garden Amendments, will be featured in the Gardening + Homesteading Track at the conference.