Special Events


Virtual Witness to Injustice
Saturday, January 16
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET

This unique interactive group teaching is used to foster truth, understanding, and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and is led by both residents of the Onondaga Nation and members of NOON (Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation). The exercise helps individuals to learn the true, untold history of the indigenous people of North America including colonization and the injustices Indigenous peoples experience then and still today.

Fireside Chat: Resilience Thinking for Health
Saturday, January 16
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET

Presenter: Laura Lengnick
Bring your questions, thoughts, and lessons learned to this open-ended discussion with Laura Lengnick about how resilience thinking can restore the health of land, people, and community in these uncertain times. 

Children’s Programming

Visiting Scotland
Saturday, January 16
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET

Facilitator: Keena Wildman
Join NOFA-NY on the trip of a lifetime and learn about farming practices from a different culture from the comfort of your own home. This session will include the quickest agricultural tour of Scotland ever, the opportunity to learn the Gaelic Milking Song Crodh-laoigh nam Bodach, the history of crofting, and more. Fun Zoom backgrounds will be included, plane tickets are not!

Organic Trivia
Saturday, January 23
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET

During this session, the kiddos will be grouped according to age to chat about life on the farm and how the pandemic has affected their families. They will then come back together to share what they’ve learned about each other and test their knowledge on organic agriculture to learn even more.

Keena Wildman is an emerging teacher and cellist from Upstate NY. She has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Cello Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she specialized in Classical and Traditional music and is a qualified Pre Twinkle and Book 1 Suzuki Teacher. She has worked in a variety of childcare roles; most recently as the Head Counselor at Camp Point Counterpoint in Vermont. She has also been a counselor for the Girls Scouts of America and an ambassador for the Benedetti Foundation. Passionate about organic farming and sustainable living, Keena was raised in a household that values the environment and is always finding new ways, big and little, to live a life of positive environmental impact. She believes that everyone can make little changes that can all add up and that education is key to change! Keena now lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her husband and rescue dog, Missy. When not teaching, Keena can be found working in her vegetable garden, hiking, camping, or reading a good book! She is looking forward to meeting all the kids at the Winter Conference!

Parents will be asked to sign a consent form to keep everyone safe and happy. If your family is interested, please email us at conference@nofany.org.

On-Demand Yoga Videos

Vinyasa Flow
Pranayama + Meditation
Standing Poses
Beginner Flow

Available anytime on the
conference app!

Instructor: Lindsay Downing (O Yoga)
Each of these short yoga videos will give you an opportunity to step away from your computer and move through a sequence of poses designed to calm your mind, stretch some of the major muscles, and counter the effects of sitting. Classes are suitable for all levels, and some experience will be helpful for the Vinyasa Flow. 

Vinyasa Flow (Beginner / Intermediate): This class will sequence together different yoga poses in a flow style, where you move at moderate pace from one pose to the next. Plan to move through some Sun Salutations, gentle backbends, and hip openers. Class will end with a minute of rest on your back. 

Pranayama (guided breathing) + Meditation: The majority of this class will be in a reclined position. You’ll be guided through some simple breathing exercises and will close with a guided full body relaxation meditation. It will be helpful to have a blanket and/or small pillow, and a piece of fabric to place over your eyes. 

Standing Poses: This class will include different standing poses with an emphasis of stretching the hips, legs and shoulders. Class will end with a minute of rest of your back. 

Beginner Flow: This class will sequence together different yoga poses at a pace that is suitable for people that are brand new to yoga. Class will include some gentle side-body stretches, gentle backbends, and poses to release tension around the neck. Class will end with a minute of rest of your back. 

Lindsay Downing is an experienced instructor at O Yoga in Syracuse, NY. Yoga is a practice that anchors me back to feeling like myself. If I’m having a busy week or feeling anxious or stressed about something, sitting quietly for a few minutes can have a magic, curative effect (if there is time for some sun salutation and a few lunges even better). I was first drawn to yoga for the physicality that some parts of the practice brought but doing “advanced” fancy poses has never really interested me. To me the real benefits of yoga have little to do with physical postures and everything to do with the ability to breathe and keep steady control over the mind. I try to make my classes fun and creative, with a nice balance of strong and soft. My love for teaching is surpassed only by my love of taking classes and learning from other teachers.