Bethany Wallis, Executive Directorbethany@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 1
Kim Kopp, Bookkeeperkkopp@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 5
Katie Baildon, Organic Policy Coordinatorkbaildon@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 6
Liana Hoodes, Policy
Jessica Aubrey, Marketing and Events Directorjaubrey@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 3
Alexander Warshal, Member Communications Coordinatormembercoordinator@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 2
Samantha Kemnah, CNY Organic Educatorskemnah@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 4
Teddy Tomao, Long Island Organic Transition Educatorttomao@nofany.org315-988-4000 ext 8
Linda Young, Organic

Board of Directors

Board members come from the membership of NOFA-NY and may serve up to two, consecutive three-year terms. Each year members are asked to submit nominations to the board, which are then reviewed by the Board of Directors and voted on by the membership at the annual meeting. 

President: Crystal Stewart-Courtens, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Vice President: Kaitlyn Sirna, Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE)
Treasurer: Don Cimato, Homecoming Farm
Secretary: Jonathan Brown, Pace University
Liz Bawden, Bawden Farms
Zaid Kurdieh, Norwich Meadows Farm
Sean Barrett, Montauk Seaweed Supply Co.
Frank Cetera, Alchemical Nursery Project
Maryrose Livingston, Northland Sheep Dairy
Wes Gillingham, Catskill Mountainkeeper
Bhavani Jaroff, iEat Green, LLC
Patty Lovera, Organic Farmers Association
Mary-Howell Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain
Robert Perry, NOFA-NY Staff Representative

NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC

Bert J. Olechnowicz, Certification Directorcertdirector@nofany.org607-759-4205
Heather J. Orr, Compliance
Krisztina Blackham,
Gemini Larue-Lyon, Administrative
Samantha Shipley, Administrative
Crop Certification Department:
Kristen Barker, Crop Coordinator
Cassie Abrams, Crop Coordinator Assistant
Dairy & Livestock Certification Department:
Erika Worden, Dairy/Livestock Coordinator
Francesca VanDeWeert, Dairy/Livestock Coordinator Assistant
Handling/Processing Certification Department:
Ashleigh Knecht, Handling Certification Coordinator
Maggie Raymond, Handling Certification Coordinator
Kasi Conrad, Handling Certification Coordinator
Materials and Inspection Certification Department:
Alexis Spoor, Materials & Inspection Coordinator
Kris Maxwell, Materials Specialist
Certification Specialists:
Stephanie Sparrell-Martin, Senior Certification Specialist
Elena Braiotta, Senior Certification Specialist
Ava Glasser, Certification Specialist
Nellie Ramsden, Certification Specialist
Lacey Smith, Certification Specialist
Maria Stoddard, Certification Specialist
Brooks Willhoite, Certification Specialist

Management Committee

The Certified Organic Management Committee is appointed by the NOFA-NY Board of Directors to oversee the operation of NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. Members must be qualified and free of conflicts of interest as determined by the National Organic Program requirements. They cannot be connected with operations that are certified by the LLC.

Co-Chair: Erin Summerlee, Food and Health Network of South Central NY
Co-Chair: Liana Hoodes, Agriculture Policy Consultant
Arby Swift, Retired Vice President of Farm Credit
Gordon Thompson, Coughlin & Gerhart L.L.P.
Sandy Crawford, Tioga State Bank
Marianne Simmons, Peacework CSA and Retired Librarian of St. John Fisher College