Employment Offered

Date Submitted:

Farm Name:
The Pfeiffer Center at Threefold Community Farm


Position Title:
Vegetable Grower, Co-Manager of Farm Operations

Position Description:

SALARY: $45,000-$53,000/year, commensurate with experience; eligible for sponsored housing, medical benefits, and 403(b)

SCHEDULE: Full Time year round, Mon-Fri, hours vary by season, also includes weekend chores, workshops, and special events


Threefold Community Farm is a collaboration of Threefold Educational Foundation’s Pfeiffer Center for Biodynamic Education and Rudolf Steiner Fellowship Foundation’s Duryea Farm. Uniting the land base, located along Hungry Hollow Road in Chestnut Ridge, New York, the initiative was established in 2019 to uphold the pillars of Biodynamic Land Care, Education, and Production. We care for 9 acres of vegetable fields and 30 acres of pasture and hay fields, using biodynamic practices, indicated by Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, all within a stone’s throw of New York City. The farm is embedded in a community, working with the ideas of anthroposophy, and neighbors Green Meadow Waldorf School and Otto Specht School, Endeavor 21+, Eurythmy Spring Valley, Sunbridge Institute, The Fiber Craft Studio, and the Fellowship Community, an intergenerational elder care community. We operate a small dairy, apiary, draft program, vegetable CSA, weekly seasonal farm stand, and provide produce and dairy products to the Fellowship Community’s Hilltop House, Hungry Hollow Co-op, and the Threefold Café.

Threefold Community Farm seeks a Vegetable Grower with extensive knowledge of regenerative farming practices, excellent communication skills, servant leadership capacities, proficiency with tractor and/or draft power, and experience in biodynamic farming to join our collaborative management team. This person will work collaboratively with our other managers to fulfill the mission of Threefold Community Farm and share responsibilities for the following areas that align with the skill set they bring: 

Collaboratively managing all aspects of the farm using biodynamics and regenerative farming practices as a foundation 

Working collaboratively to create an annual farm plan map, planting calendar, and budget 

Managing field operations with hand, draft and tractor work, irrigation; creating a weekly cultivation schedule for field vegetables 

Working collaboratively to create and help uphold social agreements with our staff and interns 

Working collaboratively to hold financial accountability for the farm: report on and uphold our budgetary goals 

Organizing weekly planning meeting with farm team to discuss current needs of farm and dairy 

Creating weekly/daily task sheet outlining prioritized needs

Assigning and communicating daily work assignments with farm team 

Co-reviewing, interviewing, and choosing interns, and developing and implementing educational curriculum, including one-on-one check ins 

Assisting in leading or co-teaching public workshops 

Creating more educational offerings for home institutions and beyond 

Coordinating with other mentors in or outside the community to offer or engage in other skill building opportunities and continuing education for staff 

Ensuring a healthy social structure in group dynamics of farm team, including interns 

Encouraging and maintaining a community connection with the Fellowship Community through creating enrichment and engagement opportunities for FC member and co-worker involvement 

Encouraging and maintaining a community relationship with other Threefold institutions, seeking ways to collaborate and support each other’s missions  Coordinating with Farm Educator about programming needs and educational opportunities and experiences 

Representing Threefold Community Farm and biodynamics in various settings  Managing record keeping practices 

Assisting with Annual Plant Sale 

Ensuring proper resting and rotations to support regenerative soil building practices, including composting 

Managing rhythmical applications of the biodynamic preparations 

Assisting with greenhouse plantings, guided by the Stella Natura Calendar 

Assisting with Seed Saving endeavor 

Assisting with the composting process 

Coordinating equipment repair and maintenance 

Coordinating and managing volunteers 

Assisting with the harvests and growing enough produce to support the primary needs of the Fellowship Community, our 22-week CSA, and seasonal farm stand 

Creating a weekly harvest schedule, following through to delivery  Co-managing relationships with CSA members, Fellowship kitchen, Threefold Café, Hungry Hollow Co-op, and other local venues to sell or donate produce

Threefold Community Farm is a collaborative initiative between The Fellowship Community and the Threefold Educational Foundation. Our mission is to care for the living being of our land using biodynamics to grow food with living forces that nourish the whole human being; to foster a learning community where people can develop a loving relationship to the land; and to build a rich inclusive social life serving our home and surrounding communities.

How to Apply:
Register your interest, upload your resume and cover letter at: https://threefoldcommunityfarm.org/resources/join-our-team/