Employment Offered

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Farm Name:
Old Ford Farm


Position Title:
Dairy & Livestock Assistant

Position Description:

Old Ford Farm is a diversified family farm with a mission to produce quality foods, build community, and use farming methods that promote the long-term health of our land, animals, and larger environment. We raise cattle and poultry on 40 acres in New Paltz, NY. Our raw milk, eggs, and meats are sold in our self-service farm store alongside many other products from nearby farms.

We are looking for workers who are ready to embrace the joys and challenges of farm work. Employees here have the opportunity to learn about the day-to-day workings and management of a for-profit diversified farm. We offer a friendly and organized work environment, as well as the opportunity to interact with the people who are buying the food you are producing. Prior experience is not as important to us as a candidate's character, responsibility, and passion for the work.

This position encompasses every aspect of raising livestock on a pasture-based operation and selling products directly to consumers. Jobs will include caring for cows, milking cows, bottling milk, collecting eggs, moving cattle and poultry on pasture, tractor work, and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment, among other farm tasks. This position requires someone who is strong, smart, and observant on top of having monumental physical endurance, excellent communication skills, and a cheerful attitude. Prior agricultural experience is not required, but due to the especially rigorous nature of this position, we will need to see in your background that you can handle physically intense work (e.g. other manual labor, high-level athletics, military service, etc).

Schedule & Commitment:
This position is for 6 - 8 milking shifts per week, which is around 40 hours. The schedule changes weekly but will always include 2 full days off per week. We are very accommodating of employees’ scheduling needs and preferences. While we strongly prefer to hire a full time worker for this position, we would consider part time for someone who is a great fit and has a very flexible schedule. A one year commitment is required.

$20/hour plus free eggs, milk, and yogurt produced on the farm. Employees get a 20% discount on all other products in the farm store.

How to Apply:
Go to http://www.oldfordfarm.com/employment.html for application instructions.