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Plowshare Farm Lifesharing Community

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Plowshare Farm is in search of a farmer with dairy, pasture care, and equipment experience, who is open to biodynamic principles, to join our farm crew and help carry our animal husbandry, dairy and meat production. Strong candidates will have experience in pasture care, grazing rotation, fencing, haying, maintenance of farm equipment, herd health oversight, and other aspects of animal husbandry.

We are specifically looking for someone whose primary task will be caring for the land and animals. (While growing into a role working with our community members with special needs is a possibility for the future, this is not our primary need.)

About Plowshare Farm:
Nestled in the woods of southern New Hampshire, Plowshare is a community of about 45 people who choose to live and work side by side, building an inclusive and sustainable community. Our farm and animals are an integral part of our community. With a small cattle herd including 2-3 milkers, sheep, layer chickens, meat birds, and usually a couple of pigs, we strive to care for our animals well while producing milk, eggs, and meat to sustain our community. (Our farm operation could grow to include other livestock if there is a need/use for it and a commitment to carry it forward.)

Plowshare is part of the worldwide Camphill movement, a movement of inclusive communities wherein people with and without developmental disabilities live and work side by side. As an Anthroposophically-based lifesharing community, we are innovators creating a model of social and ecological renewal.

Plowshare Farm seeks to meet living needs so that energy may be freed for vocations. Benefits of this position include:
• On-farm private housing – we have standalone housing for an individual, a couple or a small family to join us (Plowshare is a great place to raise children).
• A “cash benefit” income, with pay commensurate with experience/responsibility.
• Shared community meals (community lunches Monday to Friday) and a share of the vegetables, dairy and meat produced on the farm.
• Health insurance and a monthly employer contribution to a Health Savings Account (HSA).
• Two free days per week, and 6 weeks of vacation annually
• A retirement plan (eligible after the first year).
• Plowshare also supports completion of Biodynamic and/or Social Therapeutic trainings.

How to Apply:
To start a conversation, please email service@plowsharefarm.org or call (603) 547-2547. For more information about our community, please visit www.plowsharefarm.org.