Employment Offered

Date Submitted:

Farm Name:


Position Title:
Farmer/ Farm Manager

Position Description:

Full Time Farmer Position

Degree in agriculture, horticulture plant/crop management preferred.
Practical skills and experience

Key Skills:
Initiative, Flexibility, Good Communication / Teamwork, Analytical Skills, Technical Knowledge of the environment and land

Managerial Responsibilities / Technical Job Duties:
1.Maintaining accurate records of agriculture projects and farm tasks
2.Making recommendations of required farm equipment, crops and agricultural products
3.Handling paperwork and keeping administrative records related to agriculture growing and production
4.Supervising and training farm workers
5.Supervise and oversee volunteers
6.Supervise and oversee organizational members
7.Ensuring compliance with government regulations for safety standards in farming practices
8.Keeping up to date with organic farming practices and knowledge of pests and diseases
9.Research and remain up to date on best practices in farming and programming for students with diverse abilities
10.Report any issues or concerns to the Executive Director immediately
11.Work collaboratively with the CSA/Harvest Manager to implement the CSA plan for each season.

Program Development:
1.Consult with Executive Director on developing educational opportunities (sequential planting; seed to jar curriculum; square foot gardening) and adapting programming to meet the needs of students with diverse abilities
2.Consult with Executive Director on how to expand the use of the farmland to include additional educational learning spaces
3.Follow up on the original strategic plan; as provided
Community Outreach:
1.Visit existing program models to continue to maintain premier programming
2.Participate in presentations to local schools, and organizations

1.Communicate with Executive Director weekly through written reports/emails and bi-monthly with direct meetings.

1.Engage in professional development opportunities (e.g., conferences, presentations and/or research).
2.Perform any duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
3.Be flexible with schedules, hours may vary depending on seasonality and programming Advance notice will be provided.

How to Apply:
email resume to deb@elija.org