Employment Offered

Date Submitted:

Farm Name:
Seed Song Farm & Center


Position Title:
Farm Manager/ Co-Manager / Assistant Manager

Position Description:

With the farm owner as needed and with farm crew leading some operations, the manager is responsible for all aspects of planning, producing and distributing chemical-free vegetables:
• crop planning and ordering of supplies (for 2021, much of this work is done)
• leading and keeping one step ahead of the farm crew in carrying out daily tasks
• seeding, planting, and greenhouse propagation of seedlings
• primary soil preparation and mowing using several tractors
• cultivating and harvesting mostly by hand
• distribute to CSA, weekly farm market, on-site farmstand, retail contracts, donations.
• Record-keeping and suggesting and implementing system improvements.
Other tasks required of some farm crew:
• minor daily animal care tasks for educational livestock
• minor participation in education programs and events, eg driving tractor for haywagon or leading tours or activity stations
Ideal Candidate: Minimum 3 full seasons of experience with similar operation. Resonates with project mission. Good with people,able to remain positive and motivational with self and farm crew. Can balance priorities and speed versus detail. Able to work independently, take direction, and switch gears. Priority given to 2-3 year commitment. Physically fit for the work in all weather. Mechanical and carpentry skills a plus.
Reports to: Farm owner.
Start: now through April. End: Year-round position with great flexibility in December, January, and February, and mid-season vacation.
Hours: 25-50 hours per week depending on the month. Typically Monday through Friday or Monday afternoon through Saturday lunchtime, but flexible.
Compensation: Annual raise. Competitive wide range, based on experience, responsibility taken, and years of commitment. May Include farm produce and/or Hudson Valley Currents. On-farm housing options and inexpensive housing available locally. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person seeking to transition over a couple of years from experienced crew member to a farm manager role with guidance and within an established, dynamic community farm setting.

About Seed Song Farm & Center: (For additional information visit www.seedsongfarm.org)

Seed Song Farm is an L3C mission-based agroecological farm business that produces sustainably-grown vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, and forest products, available through CSA shares, local farmers' markets, on-site farmstand, and donations. We use indigenous plants both for production, consumption, public activities, and habitat for beneficial plants and insects, including pollinators and natural insect predators.

Seed Song Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that partners with Seed Song Farm and many partner organizations to re-kindle a cultural reverence for the land and its bounty, through healthy food and farm experiences accessible to ALL. By growing, sharing, and celebrating our food together, we evolve our local culture toward an equitable and sustainable land access and stewardship. Seed Song Center organizes youth summer programs; an afterschool program; field trips for schools, community groups and businesses; and farm-based educational events, workshops and festivals.

How to Apply:
Send resume, 3 references (2 work and 1 character), and brief answers to (1) why I want to pursue this kind of work (2) why I'm a good fit for this position and for Seed Song Farm & Center to: creek@SeedSongFarm.org