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Farm/intentional community seeks live-in members

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St. Francis Farm Community in Orwell, New York (in Oswego County, about an hour north of Syracuse) seeks new community members to join us in living an alternative to the consumer culture and to help us with farming, forestry, and community outreach.

We grow food to eat and to give away to neighbors (we're in a fairly poor rural area) and we help people learn to grow their own in a way that preserves or builds soil while minimizing purchases and wastes. We currently have a 50'x200' permanent-bed garden (low-till noncertified organic), a small mostly feral apple orchard, milk goats, laying hens, meat rabbits, and pigs (all but the rabbits are pastured, and all but the pigs are fed on a mix of whole grains and farm-raised foods). Most of our 180 acres is wooded: we grow shiitake mushrooms, tap maples for syrup, and also harvest firewood (for our use and sometimes for neighbors) and lumber which we saw out on our bandsaw mill (for our own use and for sale).

We're also engaged in various other forms of community outreach. This has included checking in on isolated seniors, building wheelchair ramps, doing home repairs, mentoring kids, and more. The farm is part of the Catholic Worker tradition and the current community members are Quaker. Folks from all faith traditions, and folks who claim none, are welcome. We do farm/community work full-time and get housing and food and the use of a vehicle. Some of us have small side jobs on the evenings and weekends (writing, editing, making musical instruments...) For more information see the New Members info section of our website, (https://www.stfrancisfarm.org/new-members/), our 2020 newsletters describing the transition ahead (https://www.stfrancisfarm.org/2020-newsletters/), our Foundation for Intentional Community listing (https://www.ic.org/directory/st-francis-farm-community/), or our permaculture forum listing (https://www.permies.com/t/136161/Intentional-community-homestead-charitable-nonprofit).

Previous experience in farming or in community life is not necessary. Willingness and ability to do manual labor and to work through conflicts constructively are important.

We hope to have conversations with prospective new members during the cold season and schedule visits for growing season 2021, when the guest house is open again and when we can work and talk together safely and comfortably outside.

Joanna Hoyt

Additional Contact Information:
Please read the information page for new community members at https://www.stfrancisfarm.org/new-members/, answer the questions in the linked application form, and send them to Joanna Hoyt at stfrancisfarm@ymail.com stfrancisfarm@ymail.com. If you have any questions you'd like to ask before filling out the form, please send these to the same address.