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Why buy local and organic?

Fresher food for your family: Food at most grocery stores has traveled an average of 1,200 miles. Buying from local producers means you are getting much fresher produce (some picked the same day!) and it helps reduce the pollution and costs associated with transporting food. Buying local is one powerful step you can take to address the impacts of climate change.

Less chemicals for you and the environment: Organic food doesn’t contain synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones, genetically engineered organisms, chemical additives or any other inputs that raise human health and environmental concerns. No one needs to eat that stuff.

Supports your local economy: One study found that a dollar spent buying directly from a farmer has about twice the impact on the local economy as spending a dollar on food that goes through a middleman. More money in your community helps your local economy to become more efficient and helps other local business thrive.

Get a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share

The freshest local food there is: Food in your CSA box was picked at the peak of freshness, usually within a day of packing and pickup. CSA farmers grow varieties famous for their flavor, not their durability on a cross-country haul. The difference will be obvious in every meal you make!

Discover new foods: The variety of food in your CSA box may introduce you to vegetables and varieties you’ve never tried before. Many farmers even include recipes and cooking tips with each week’s CSA box.

Know your farmer: During the weeks of your CSA, you’ll undoubtedly get to know your local farmer as they communicate with you about the week’s harvest, happenings on the farm, photos, recipes, and even their online communities. You’ll know that the food in your CSA box was grown and harvested by friends, who care deeply about providing you with the season’s best.

Secure your food in 2021: The past year taught us that global supply chains are fragile, and the more local our food systems, the stronger our communities. A CSA subscription ensures your family has access to fresh local food, no matter how empty the shelves are at the big box grocery stores.

Find a CSA near you

Visit NOFA-NY’s Food and Farm Guide

NOFA-NY has developed a guide to help you find a CSA program, retailer, or restaurant near you. You can also use this guide to search your region for a specific product or crop.

If you are a farmer who would like to update your Food and Farm Guide listing email us at or call 315.988.4000.