Improved Pasture Management Project

NOFA-NY’s dairy grazing support program provides farmers with targeted tools to help with grazing management, marketing capability, climate resilience, and soil carbon sequestration. The Improved Pasture Management Project offers direct support for a cohort of 15 organic and sustainable farmers, focusing on tools to reduce farm expenses, build farm resiliency, facilitate transition, and expand marketing opportunity. This program is open to organic and conventional grazing dairy producers.

Grazing management provides a unique opportunity for farmers to market their products and build farm resilience through improved soil health and carbon sequestration. This program will provide farmers with a better understanding of the resources available to them, and the benefit of better grazing management for their farms’ profitability. We work with farmers to adopt tools like Google Forms, LeafSnap, Field Navigator, Drone Technology, and PastureMap to better manage their grazing systems.

Each farm involved in the project receives a plan carefully tailored to their needs. You can check out an example plan from a farm in Eastern NY by clicking here.

Interested in participating in NOFA-NY’s Improved Pasture Management Project? Please contact Sarah Ficken, NOFA-NY’s Organic Dairy and Livestock Coordinator, at 315.988.4000 ext. 505 or

The Improved Pasture Management Project is made possible through the generous support of the New York Farm Viability Institute.