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SNAP Online for Direct Marketing Farmers Workshop

May 24, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm


Farmers have always been innovative in ensuring their farm’s success. Whether it is diversifying their crop base, learning and employing new techniques, or branching out into new marketing channels, the Coronavirus pandemic really brought out this trait. Direct marketing farmers were forced to look for new ways to reach their customer base to ensure their farm products were sold and that farm revenue was secure. Many farmers moved into the online marketplace to reach customers who were staying at home or who were accustomed to shopping for their needs online. This method helped to ensure the farm’s viability during hard times.

Now farmers are finding that online markets continue to help them to expand their customer base, as more and more people shop for their needs online rather than face to face in farmers markets or big box stores. The use of online markets continues, even with the lessening of the pandemic.

But one customer base is not represented in the online commerce world – the customer that depends on SNAP for their food purchasing. SNAP has always required a face-to-face transaction where the customer presented their SNAP card, input their PIN, and the seller swiped the card for payment.
USDA has recognized that SNAP customers need and want the ability to shop online and has contracted with NAFMNP’s MarketLink and Novo Dia Group to build the framework for online SNAP for farmers. The ability to accept SNAP online for direct marketing farmers is about to be a reality!

Join us on May 24 at 1pm for a discussion with MarketLink’s Phil Blalock and Amy Crone to learn how you too can begin accepting SNAP at your own online storefront. They will discuss the project progress and how you can be involved. Following the presentation will be a Q & A session to be sure everyone has the information they need to access to this important development for SNAP.