Farmer’s Pledge

The Farmer’s PledgeTM is a commitment by farmers to farming that assures healthy food, strong local economies, fair working conditions and wages, humane treatment of animals, and care of the land. This is an annual program and you must be a current member of NOFA-NY. To further enable consumers to identify the farms they want to support with their food dollars, NOFA-NY has established The Farmer’s PledgeTM, a separate and distinct program from USDA Certified Organic. This Pledge is based on the integrity of the farmer. It serves as a bridge between consumers and farmers to better know the agriculturists who work hard to create healthy communities, local food security and food sovereignty. The Farmer’s PledgeTM is not meant to replace the USDA Certified label, and we encourage farms to engage in both programs.

The Farmer’s Pledge is a great way to share your commitment to the organic movement, whether you are transitioning to  become certified organic or just have too many working pieces to become certified. Take this  opportunity to display NOFA-NY’s Farmers Pledge badge proudly to all your customers. Let everyone know all the hard work you put in to create a viable, clean, and just food system for all. 

If cost is your primary concern for not pursuing Organic Certification, there are programs that might be able to help! The USDA Cost Share program reimburses farmers and producers for a portion on their certification costs. For example a farm with sales between $25K and $35K may pay as low as $187.50 for crops and livestock, which includes a NOFA-NY membership. If you choose to engage both the Farmers PledgeTM and Organic Certification for crops and livestock with sales between $25K and $35K, you would be looking at fee of $237.50 including NOFA-NY membership. Learn more about the Cost Share program, and other NOFA-NY Certification Resources here.

A Farmer’s PledgeTM certificate displayed at a farm market stand shows customers a farmer’s commitment to responsible growing and a willingness to be transparent to their community. It shows that a farmer takes an environmentally responsible, ecologically sound, holistic approach to farming. This is a wonderful program for farms transitioning to certified organic, small start-up farms, and farms that are already certified organic.

The Farmer’s PledgeTM cost is $120, which includes NOFA-NY Membership. Both certified organic and sustainable farms may sign the pledge. Certified Organic Producers may take the Pledge at a reduced rate of $25. Farmer’s PledgeTM farms are:

  • Listed in our online Food and Farm Guide, which is promoted widely on our website, social media, and in print promotional materials throughout the year
  • Provided a digital logo and a mailed package including a laminated 8.5″ x 11″ black-and-white official Farmer’s Pledge certificate, a color version of the logo with your farm name for you to copy and distribute, and 10 complimentary Farmer’s Pledge marketing stickers.
  • Regularly promoted via our social media, website, and other consumer awareness campaigns.

Take the Farmer’s Pledge