Clover Portal

NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC is excited to announce the release of our new web-based Clover Portal for the 2024 application season! The Clover Portal will speed up the way that application information is communicated between farmers, inspectors, and certification staff, streamline the way that producers see their paperwork, and allow producers to change and upload information throughout the year.

If you are a new producer, Register Here!

*Many existing producers have received email instructions for logging on to the portal, including user name and password. If you are currently certified with NOFA-NY and you have not been provided log-in details and would like access to the Clover Portal, please contact the NOFA-NY, LLC office at,, or or 607-724-9851 to get your login information.

What is the Clover Portal?

The Clover Portal is an online application where you can go to do all your certification and renewal paperwork, access your records and certificates, and communicate changes to NOFA-NY.

How is this new?

Instead of having physical paper forms mailed to you or PDF files emailed to you, simply navigate to the portal on a web browser (recommend making it a favorite!). Log in with the information provided*, and the forms that need updating will show up on your home page. You can go through each one step by step and save as you go. Lists can be maintained in the portal, eliminating the need for keeping records in multiple places.

Why did NOFA-NY make this change?

We have gotten lots of feedback from our clients saying that they would like a clearer, more automated system that makes keeping track of changes and communicating them to the certification office easier. We took that feedback and worked to create an accessible system that we hope you’ll enjoy working with.

When will this happen?

This is happening now! We encourage our clients to use the Clover Portal for the 2024 application season. If you are getting this note, you can get a password and log in!

What if I run into a problem or don’t understand how to use the portal?

We are here to help! Please, call or email our support line with any questions. 607-647-8747, or

The Clover Portal has been several years in production and has been made possible in part due to generous funding from the New York State Agriculture Budget under the leadership of Assembly Member Donna Lupardo and Senator Michelle Hinchey.