Four NY organic operations receive funding to improve organic markets

We are proud to highlight the four New York state organic (NOFA-NY, LLC-certified) operations that have been awarded USDA Organic Market Development funding! Each project was funded based on its aim to address organic supply chain challenges and improve domestic organic markets.

To help meet the unmet demand for locally produced organic livestock feed, Gianforte Farm LLC in Cazenovia, NY is improving its on-farm grain storage system giving livestock producers a consistent source of locally produced organic feed.

To complement the offerings that  Norwich Meadows Farm, LLC in Norwich, NY provides to chefs, CSA members, and market goers, the farm is building a commercial kitchen for developing unique organic value-added products including sauces, purees, broths, dried/pickled products, and juices.

To support the northeast’s grain market, Farmer Ground Flour LLC will increase local grain crop processing capacity by upgrading cleaning and flour milling facilities. More efficient processing systems will also enable longer-term storage and less waste.

Through a multipronged approach, Breadtree Farm’s project will address bottlenecks that constrain the growth of the Northeast organic chestnut industry. The project includes a feasibility/technical development study and key improvements to Breadtree’s on-farm processing, handling, storage, and distribution.

NOFA-NY extends congratulations to each recipient and thanks them for their work to build a more robust organic market in New York and the Northeast!