Help guide NOFA-NY’s 2023 advocacy!

Each year, NOFA-NY members vote on policy resolutions that guide our policy and advocacy work for the years ahead. These resolutions can be proposed by any NOFA-NY member and it’s now time to send in your ideas for our 2023 policy resolutions! 

A resolution should clearly state an issue or opportunity and a solution that moves us towards our vision for a just and resilient farming system grounded in a diverse community now and for future generations. Previously passed resolutions (read them all here) continue to guide our advocacy, while new resolutions adopted each year grow our policy engagement possibilities. NOFA-NY members are invited to submit ideas for 2023 policy resolutions by October 5, 2022, to

The NOFA-NY policy committee will review, revise, and amend the submissions, and then they go to the Board of Directors for final revisions and approval. Finally, all NOFA-NY members will vote on them in the 2023 NOFA-NY Annual Meeting ballot. 

Please share your ideas for shaping the future of NOFA-NY’s policy and advocacy work!

Please note that passed policy resolutions enable NOFA-NY to endorse relevant petitions and to support the work of allied organizations. However, prioritization and time spent on each issue will vary depending on multiple factors including timeliness, opportunities for impact, and alignment with NOFA-NY policy programming objectives.