Presenter Information

Thank you for sharing your expertise with the NOFA-NY community!

Please read our Community Agreements which all conference participants agree to abide by.

Workshop Details:

  • Each workshop will be 75 minutes long and should include about 15 minutes of Q&A. Click here to view the workshop schedule.
  • Your presentation should be given live (not pre-recorded) and can contain slides, video, or both. You should be prepared to share your screen.
  • Two NOFA-NY staff members will be there on the day of to help facilitate your workshop. One will introduce you and assist with Q&A. The other will assist with tech.
  • If you would like someone at NOFA-NY to share slides for you, or for us to have them as backup, please email them to Jessica Aubrey at as soon as possible.
  • Your workshop will be recorded. Recordings will become available on the conference website and app shortly after your workshop ends.

Note: If you have handouts that you would like participants to be able to download, please email them to me to be included in your workshop description.

What You Need for Your Workshop:

  • Zoom: if you don’t already have it, you can get it at
  • The Zoom link for your workshop: this will be emailed to you before the conference. It will also be available in the Agenda on the conference website.
  • A strong internet connection: this is very important to the success of your workshop. If your internet is unstable, please plan to be in a place with a strong internet connection the day of your workshop. If you can’t relocate, an ethernet cable plugged directly into your computer might help.
  • A fully charged computer and your charger just in case! 
  • A webcam and a microphone: these are probably built into your computer.
  • A phone: if your internet connection is bad, you may need to call in to present or we may need to call you. Hopefully, this is an unnecessary safety net.

Accessing the Conference Website and Mobile App:

15 Minutes Before your Workshop Begins:

  • Join the Zoom meeting.
  • Change your name: We suggest Full name, Organization (pronouns).
  • Please be prepared to discuss the structure of the workshop and how you would like to handle Q&A. Facilitators can ask questions directly from the chat or they can ask the participant to unmute themselves to ask. If you prefer to monitor the chat yourself, please let them know that as well. 
  • If you have links you would like to share, you can give these to the facilitators ahead of the workshop to share in the chat.

Note: If polling or breakout rooms are a planned part of your workshop, please email me ahead of time so we can get that set up.

Note: Live captioning will be enabled. If you would like to turn it on, there is a function at the top of your screen that will allow you to see it.

During your Workshop:

  • A NOFA-NY facilitator will open the session by sharing some general conference announcements, a land acknowledgment, the Community Agreements, and information on how to access the BIPOC space. 
  • They will thank the App Sponsors and then announce the workshop and introduce you as the presenter(s). This will be a short introduction with your name(s) and organization(s).
  • They will then ask you to introduce yourself. Please be prepared to share any information you would like about your farm / organization, your practices, etc. We feel that this method works nicely so that all the information you’d like to be included in your introduction is shared appropriately.
  • You give an amazing presentation.
  • A NOFA-NY facilitator will share an evaluation link at the end of your workshop. The surveys will be shared with you upon request.

Presenter Information PDF > Click here to view and download.

Contact Jessica Aubrey:

If you have any questions or concerns about your workshop, you can contact me at any time at or at 607.222.8493.