Support programs that support farmers.

As the summer winds down, we have been regularly faced with extreme weather events. Flash floods in some places, drought in others, and record heat waves; all wreaking havoc on farms and harvests. Still, each day, we all need to eat. Nourishment of our bodies and land cannot be ignored and is supported by the daily efforts of dedicated farmers who work through it all.

Farmers work through the heat to care for livestock and crops, they rebuild beds washed away by extreme rains, and they remain ever optimistic that next year will be better than this one.

Help us make next year an even better one with a tax-deductible donation to NOFA-NY. As always, every dollar of your generous gift will go directly to our programs that support the farmers we all rely on, building the foundation of a better tomorrow, for our farmers, land, and community.

Our collective support of these farmers comes on many levels. We buy directly from them at farmers markets and CSAs, and we actively promote policies that will mitigate climate change, reduce pollution, strengthen local food economies, and preserve farmland.

At NOFA-NY, our educators help farmers through certification support, educational opportunities, mentorship programs, and one-on-one technical support. We seek out and share information on programs and grant opportunities that can help them improve their farms despite challenging environmental and financial times.

Our policy team fights for policies that will help farmers at both state and national levels. Just this year, NOFA-NY staff and members were instrumental in pushing through the Birds and the Bees Protection Act, which, if signed into law, will ban the most toxic and wasteful uses of neonicotinoid pesticides in New York State; a huge win for insects, birds, ecosystems and public health, not to mention organic agriculture.

We invite you to join or renew your membership with NOFA-NY. We are always finding new ways to engage with our members and would love to have you as an active part of our community.